Sammy February 2004- May 2016

Without a dog there is no scratching at the door at midnight,
No whining from the howl of the wind, the crack of thunder,
No chewing on the doorframe,
No mud tracked across the floor.

Without a dog, there is no vet bill,
No hairballs in the corner,
No friends worried about allergies,
No staring and panting while food is eaten.

Without a dog, food crumbs have to be swept of the floor,
Bunnies must be chased from the yard,
Feet are not warmed without socks,
Doorbells are not warned a family is protected here.

Without a dog, No tails wag in a greeting at the front door,
there is one less kiss for the baby at bedtime,
Tears go unlicked,
A child’s floor is empty while she sleeps.


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