The Reborn Forest was born one day after I saw an advertisement for one of those companies that will bury you under a tree seed/sapling when you die. This seemed like a beautiful idea for a coffin to me, instead of placing another hunk of useless rotting corpse in the ground, why not do something useful?
In the comments of that advertisement someone had asked what if that forest became haunted, and tweaking started in my mind. Then I wondered, what if more and more people decided to use this type of burial method instead of the traditions we’ve become accustomed to. That leads to ancient burial traditions, and how we have arrived where we are in our beliefs today. Seeing those timelines of beliefs turning into laws across the world, it made me realize how quickly things change.
How quickly a naturalist’s thought of becoming a tree at death could influence the world, and what implications that would bring for the people who still held on, and the people who just decided to go with the flow.

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