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I am currently working on a four book series that is a fun mixture of supernatural horror and a coming of age story.
Meg is reaching the end of her friends’ pity and hospitality, unemployed for several months and crashing from couch to couch. When her siblings call and nominate her to go home and take care of odds and ends after a death in the family, she is forced to go back to Oregon and face both demons of her past and some not so metaphorical demons hiding in the shadows.
I love this four book story arch because Meg goes from being one of those friends we all have around somewhere, leaching off of our pocketbooks and energy, to someone you need to have in your corner. She’s a fierce friend when she finally looks past some pains in her past, and those friendships she’s ignored for years turn into bonds that some people would kill to see in their own families.
And like the rest of us, when Meg lets go of what is holding her to the darkness of her past, she finds she is capable than not only more than she thought she could do, but more than she realized any human could do.
Book One is in polishing stages now, with a projected publishing date of early Fall 2017.

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