The void is not only dark, deep and hollow, it lays so long there is no ending in sight. There is an end to this void though, even if you don’t believe it right now, it comes, and it brings mountains to climb.
The void sometimes behaves like a vacuum of silence, you scream into it, and not even the echos of your own mind return back to you. Other times the void is filled with water, dancing, splashing and slapping at you. Other times it is stardust, moonbeams and unicorns tapdancing. Sometimes it’s a hundred Tupperlids and no bowls. But make no mistake, underneath the filler, the void is there.
It is your destiny with those decisions, pesky chance and all, to reach to the end of the void. No one else can fill or pass that void but you. They are too busy slip sliding down the void that makes up their own life, even if theirs occasionally crosses over or under yours. But don’t take them too seriously, they are busy trying to fill it with whatever Facebook told them to buy into that week. Don’t do it.
Enjoy your void as often as you can. Stare into it without filling it, and see what just might stare back.

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