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My name is Renee and I’m a writer, mother, knitter, card reader, and crochet designer. I’m inspired by my creepy imagination,  my beautiful daughters, my quirky friends, nature and the news clips I accidentally watch before remembering I have anxiety. I have a BA in Literature, which means I tricked a university into giving me a diploma to spend four years reading. Ha!

The biggest focus of my blog is writing, either by sharing stories I’ve written, or blogging about the writing process and tips I learn along the way. I like to write horror or darker science fiction and dark fantasy, but also get into a contemporary mode from time to time.




Through the busy life that is modern times with work, parenting, and everything up that comes along the way, I think it is important that we find time in each day to be creative. Whether that be by actually creating fiction, crafts, photography, food, or simply by role playing as a child with toys, find somewhere and something in your life to be creative with.

If I could runaway from this reality I’d join Doctor Who on a travel around space and time, or I’d beg to be in Buffy’s gang and stop the forces of evil with my book reading skilz.

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