Desperately Seeking Beta Readers for Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and Literary Works

Do you enjoy the stories and prose that you read here on my blog? I am always looking for Beta Readers for upcoming projects.

What is a Beta Reader? A Beta reader is a person who reads over a novel for an author, once said author believes that novel to be in the absolute best shape that it can possibly be in. They give input, point out things that are not understood, characters who aren’t liked, and possible plot threads that the author may have dropped along the way.

Requirements for a good Beta Reader: Someone who likes to read! I’m not looking for professionals in the writing industry, just people who are fans of reading. They are the most valuable kind of people of all.

Timeline: I will generally ask for a two week turn around for short works, 5-60 paperback pages. A month for longer works. But, we can always find ways to work around anything.

Beta Reader Etiquette, though, rest assured, I have super thick skin. 🙂

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