By title alone, much discussion could be had on this topic. But I’ll only point out one interesting pop culture snap of dialogue. I watch Hulu’s fantastic drama, The Path. It can be argued in many directions; the main characters are in a cult, have found the one and only truth, or there is something magical afoot. Or heck, as most religions hold cult-like aspects as well as magical undertones, or more realistically, magical without the undertones, the characters may have found all three.

I won’t give you more than that, if the show sounds interesting you know how to get Hulu. Now, the takeaway from a recent episode in season 2. One main character (no spoiler, so name left out) who may or may not be on The Path, is discussing another main character and describes her as Guardian of the Light. The very minor character he is speaking to then responds, “The Guardian of the Light, where do they come up with this shit?” to which our main character says something like, “My wife believes a virgin gave birth to the son of God.” to which our minor character says, “Yeah, because that’s true.”

Not saying that isn’t true to some people, but this is a very good moment in the show that grasps how many people have found some kind of belief that whatever religion they have found arrived by fax. Not being altered by man over centuries, decades, and even as we see now, over months as the Bible and other ancient texts are rewritten for new sects of these religions.

Mystical magical beliefs, no different than the Guardian of the Light, which is of course, only true to the people in this show, but you get my point.

Insert any deity or religious leader title here. Why are we so quick to judge one’s magical mystery tour compared to another? I don’t expect you to have the answers, I don’t have the answers. No one has those answers, we can only have assumptions when even great religious leaders of our time try and build bridges can’t penetrate the most concreted in their way.

It is not news we treat each other like this. But it was something I got to reacquaint myself with as I finished up the line edits and proofreads on The Reborn Forest over the past months, and studying how a belief is shaped and grown. The people living in this society are not very far from where we can end tomorrow. Religions, cults, leaders, pop culture, money, being the best. Being the only one who is right. Belief. These are the things that shape the minds and world around us, and it is not stretch to believe that in less than 200 years, the societal shift could be as strong as it is in The Reborn Forest, because take any piece of the society and culture that you currently hold true, and research how much it has changed in only the past twenty years, then go back 100.

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