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The Reborn Forest Release Date Announcement

February 2, 2017 Believe or be mulched. Mara allows the city to flow around her while others plan her life in the direction best for the citizenry. That is, until she is selected to go out on a routine urn… Continue Reading →

Clarity Cedar Valley Hauntings

Clarity! It’s happened to me! Right in front of my face, cannot hide it. Clarity!   I wrote a book this past summer called She Went Home and while I absolutely fell madly in love with my main cast of… Continue Reading →

Sand flash fiction

    She looked at her fingers. Or rather, she looked for her fingers. They were buried in the sand, but she could feel them wriggling. They were working their way back to the surface. A cool mist hit her… Continue Reading →

Weekend Away

I had my second annual Mother’s Day Writing Retreat this past weekend. It was glorious. I checked into a suite downtown, wrote, slept, and ate from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. The best part? I didn’t have to share my… Continue Reading →

Camp Nano 2016

Hey guys, I won Camp Nano! Quite a few people in my cabin did, and even those who didn’t put down some good progress. It was a great April. Camp rolls around again in July, will you be joining? November… Continue Reading →

Sound of Silence

  Silence radiates through the halls of every school in America. It’s about time you may say. The children learn in silence. Tables and graphs are our lives. We are all a statistic. The silence cannot hold back the sound… Continue Reading →

Where do you go, Mom?

The smaller child held a brightly colored pencil in one chubby hand, drawing lines absently on the lined piece of paper in her lap. Her mouth hung open as she stared at her mother. Her sister, ten years old, sat… Continue Reading →

Where are my nuts?

Writing Prompt:The Argument. Two people are arguing—a man and a woman.  They don’t have to be a couple.  Each is convinced he or she is right. The Narrator does not know who is right, but both sides are compelling. Junifer flapped… Continue Reading →

Falling into Life

Writing Exercise: Create an idea for a screenplay. Write down the status quo for your screen play, then name the inciting incident. Then, write these two parts of your script.   Status Quo: Mother of three young children wants to… Continue Reading →

Letting Go

  Steam of Consciousness When she thinks too hard, that’s when it goes. It quickly, and almost falls into her head, but then rolls right back out the other side, if it was even there at all. “Damnit!” She yells… Continue Reading →

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