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Writing Exercise

How Do You Deal With Writer’s Block?

First, I think writer’s block comes from so many places. The mental block that we unintentionally place in our mind that keeps the words from coming is placed there by something individual to so many of us. I think each… Continue Reading →

Tulip on Fire

“I put tulips under all the pillows, and then I set fire to the house.” Those had been the woman’s exact words as she walked down Broadway at noon, long white robe dragging across the concrete, edges dying and no… Continue Reading →

Whale Watching

A can of easy cheese rolled off the table and hit the deck. “I thought this boat was so big we weren’t supposed to feel it when the ocean rocked?” I asked. He shrugged. The can rolled away. “I thought… Continue Reading →

The Voices

Ten days till NaNo. Limbering fingers continues with First Line, Non-Sequitur, and Last Line from the Writer’s Toolbox kit by Jamie Cat Callan. No editing, just writing until the timer goes out. My only defense was to write down every… Continue Reading →

Green flash fiction

  Charlotte ate green peppers all day long. I supposed that’s why her shit was green, but hell, I don’t know. I was also missing a small tube of paint, and hell if I could remember what color it was…. Continue Reading →

Writing Exercise 4 – 3 Minute Focused Free Writing

Hey guys! Have you been writing this week? No worries if you haven’t been, it takes time to figure out where to carve out all the little minutes for writing. But if you have been writing, good for you! The… Continue Reading →

Writing Exercise 3 – Ten Minute Stream of Consciousness

Change this week! Up till now this had been a vlog attempt with the writing exercises. Turns out, I don’t have the right kind of personality for vlogging, and I’m glad I’ve figured this out early on instead of shoveling… Continue Reading →

List of Words and Phrases for Stream of Consciousness Exercises

Feel free to use any of these to start your own stream of consciousness writing exercise basket!       This is a great starter list, but add any words or phrases you can think of. Butterflies Pencils Rabbits New… Continue Reading →

Vlog Writing Exercise 2 – 5 Minute Stream of Consciousness

  Hey guys! How’d you do on last week’s writing exercise? Do you see why I say those Stream of Consciousness exercises, also known as free writing, are both the easiest and hardest writing exercises? It’s all word vomit! As… Continue Reading →

The Last Time I Looked at the Clouds Vlog Writing Exercise 1

Hey guys! Our first writing exercise is a three minute stream of consciousness exercise. When I first started doing writing exercises it was with a small group of four writers, and in the first weeks of our meetings we did… Continue Reading →

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