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Short Story

Tulip on Fire

“I put tulips under all the pillows, and then I set fire to the house.” Those had been the woman’s exact words as she walked down Broadway at noon, long white robe dragging across the concrete, edges dying and no… Continue Reading →

Whale Watching

A can of easy cheese rolled off the table and hit the deck. “I thought this boat was so big we weren’t supposed to feel it when the ocean rocked?” I asked. He shrugged. The can rolled away. “I thought… Continue Reading →

Green flash fiction

  Charlotte ate green peppers all day long. I supposed that’s why her shit was green, but hell, I don’t know. I was also missing a small tube of paint, and hell if I could remember what color it was…. Continue Reading →

Sand flash fiction

    She looked at her fingers. Or rather, she looked for her fingers. They were buried in the sand, but she could feel them wriggling. They were working their way back to the surface. A cool mist hit her… Continue Reading →

Little Sister, Big Sister Flash Fiction

      “But I wanted a real sister for Christmas, you know? The kind that starts off as a baby?” “But sweetie, babies take too much time and attention and I don’t have time for that right now.” “But… Continue Reading →

Hang Up flash fiction

  “You have to tell me why,” Beth demanded. “I need to know why you can’t come to my parents with me tonight.” “I can’t tell you,” Jacob said, pinching the bridge of his nose. He wanted to end the… Continue Reading →

Fluffy flash fiction

  Bill pushed the black button, but nothing happened. Damn Nikon, he should have bought a Kodak like his father told him to. Might just be his cord though. This was so embarrassing. He turned to the family. “Would you… Continue Reading →

Photographs flash fiction

    Have you ever wondered about those people in the back of your photographs? You know the ones I’m talking about? You are on vacation in Paris, or at a water park, or at dinner in that fancy little… Continue Reading →

The Signs Flash Fiction

    They laid the train tracks back to front and this caused a great deal of confusion – you’d think you were on the train to New York and arrived in Kinshasa, or to Shanghai and found yourself lost… Continue Reading →

Bill, Rosetta and the Cat Lady Flash Fiction

Bill slid the rock across the table and it hit a small moss green pad. The sound was a little like what one would hear when popping a grape between fingers. He set down his magnifying glass as something warm… Continue Reading →

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