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Happy Valentines Day at the Dollar Store Poem

Trevor always said I could get anything at the dollar store. This 14th, all I really wanted was a arm wrapped around me at night. He said I was in luck. “They’ve got a potion.” He picked me up at… Continue Reading →

Without a Dog Poem

Sammy February 2004- May 2016 Without a dog there is no scratching at the door at midnight, No whining from the howl of the wind, the crack of thunder, No chewing on the doorframe, No mud tracked across the floor…. Continue Reading →

Oceanless Pirate (poetry)

The pirate strong, yet feeble and broken, Flying across a desert, seeking treasure. It’s no longer ruby, diamond, and gold His treasure-droplets. Once dew, rain, ocean, Now there is just sand. Dirt. Not even mud. And when the droplets finally… Continue Reading →

Green Bird

  Do you see that? There, against the white. In the calm, fighting against the wind. What is she doing here? Is she like you? Or more like me? Her green wings beat against her body, fighting to stay in… Continue Reading →

Don’t Leave My Sight (poem)

(This is not a feel good poem, but something I wrote in an anxiety driven mode. you have been warned.) Eleven o’clock, before sign off, I settle in, I tune in, I shut off. He comes to view. The giver…. Continue Reading →

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