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Quick to Judge Because One’s Beliefs Have Conviction; Otherwise Known as We are Right and You are Wrong

  By title alone, much discussion could be had on this topic. But I’ll only point out one interesting pop culture snap of dialogue. I watch Hulu’s fantastic drama, The Path. It can be argued in many directions; the main… Continue Reading →

Where Did You Get the Idea for The Reborn Forest?

The Reborn Forest was born one day after I saw an advertisement for one of those companies that will bury you under a tree seed/sapling when you die. This seemed like a beautiful idea for a coffin to me, instead… Continue Reading →

The Void

The void is not only dark, deep and hollow, it lays so long there is no ending in sight. There is an end to this void though, even if you don’t believe it right now, it comes, and it brings… Continue Reading →

Quarterly Goals 4th Quarter 2016

Here we go, and here’s hoping you don’t start calling me by Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller’s nickname from Hackers. Did you remember the reference off the top of your head, or did you have to Google it? Be… Continue Reading →

Number Block

Oh Little Renee. Poor child. Did I hear you correctly? You couldn’t wait to be done with school so you would never have to worry about math and numbers again? Oh Renee. Doll. Number shortage little child. Did you forget… Continue Reading →

July 2016 Roundup

It’s August, which means lets do a quick July recap. Total word count for the month (novels only, not flash fiction, blog posts, or twitter, damn!) 60,825 So that felt good. I went into Cmap Nano with a goal of… Continue Reading →

We’re talking Homeschool Today

Bare with me. We’re talking about our new decision to homeschool. But I’m only talking about it today. Where did I go? Whew! It’s been a whirlwind. We got back from visiting family and immediately my daughter started asking about… Continue Reading →

Pasta Diablo and Moving Day

The movers came yesterday, and boy were they efficient. Can you believe they packed our entire house and loaded it in about 6 hours? It typically takes our movers 2-3 days to do all that. Especially with all the shit… Continue Reading →

Roasted Broccoli and Avoiding Work

Broccoli, I love it. But it is one of those words I cannot spell to save my life. Brocolli? Broccolli? I wish someone would spell the letters slow and clear for me, just like Gwen Stefani gave me with bananas. I sing… Continue Reading →

How to have a Facebook Freakout, partially fall off the grid, alienate friends, and make enemies in 20 minutes or less

This is all about my personal Facebook page, nothing at all to do with my blog/business page. I quit using my personal Facebook past this past weekend, and while it has some freeing feeling in even just the short three… Continue Reading →

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