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  I’ve discovered Wattpad, which as a reader and writer I feel incredibly behind on the entire world for only now discovering it. I will admit, it is a little boy band heavy (now I feel like I need to… Continue Reading →


Just a quick note to mention some changes. You may notice there has not been any new additions to Jennifer’s Blog as of late, which has been a bummer for a few because we just met the ghost, had an… Continue Reading →

Jennifer’s Blog 11: The Seance Part 2

20 December “What do we do?” Beth asked, a tremble in her voice. I opened my mouth to tell her I didn’t know, but then I realized she was talking to Norma, not me. I wanted to pull my eyes… Continue Reading →

Jennifer’s Blog 10: The Seance Part 1

              20 December 2015 Last night the psychic came to my house. It wasn’t as Poltergeisty as I thought it would be. The movie anyway. It was worse. She brought the things you would… Continue Reading →

Jennifer’s Blog 9: The Shadow

Emily’s room is now officially my favorite room in the house. It started with the cats hiding in there. I thought it was because that was the warmest room in the house, but now that I’ve been spending more time… Continue Reading →

Jennifer 8:The Great Mouse War

Michael had a last minute business trip come up, so he is out of town since the 30th of November, and he isn’t getting back until next Friday! Of course, as soon as he is gone, weird stuff starts happening…. Continue Reading →

Jennifer 7: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I suppose by time this is posted though it will be more like happy Post-Thanksgiving-food-coma-I-hope-you-get-what-you-fought-for-on-Black-Friday… Day. I do not celebrate Black Friday, but I do celebrate Thanksgiving, and we had a great one. Beth invited us over for… Continue Reading →

Jennifer 6: Cries in the Night

Beth and I go and get coffee after the girls go to school most mornings. Oh yeah, because that is what friends do. We couldn’t be more different, but my days of caring are long gone, and I feel like… Continue Reading →

Jennifer 5: A friend

Two posts in a row! Because———- Yesterday something amazing happened. The girls get on the bus like always, and the cars are skirting off and away, but one car doesn’t move. And at first I don’t look, these parents have… Continue Reading →

Jennifer 4: Kittens

Car still missing. Girls love their school. It is cold as the opposite of hell. We have mice. We have a litter of kittens. That is right, you heard it here first. Michael’s wife, man who hates all animals who… Continue Reading →

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