I never went to camp as a kid, but my impression of what it was like is a combination of Salute Your Shorts, Friday the 13th, and Hey Dude. However, I do imagine that all three of these camps had the above theme song in common. I’m not sure now as an adult, which one of these three camp scenarios I’d be most likely to survive, but my money is on Friday the 13th. I think I have those rules figured out.

I do attend Camp NaNoWriMo twice a year; April and July. This camp is completed from the comfort of your own spider infested home instead of a cabin, however, I do think it could be improved if I could get a month long vacation from my life once or twice a year and completely immerse myself in the writer’s life. This is different than NaNoWriMo because you don’t have to measure projects in word counts this month, nor do you have to have a certain number you need to hit. The measurement types are as follows:

Words. Lines. Pages. Hours. Minutes.

Typically I aim for 50k words during camp just as I do during November, and complete a first draft. But this year I’m in the middle of a plot revision for Going Home, and have roughly 25k words left to revise so that is what I’m working on. July will actually afford me more time this year, and I may do another first draft during that camp. We will have to wait and see.

Because of personal goal settings, I always recommend Camp Nano to people attempting to get back into the groove of writing. Want to start off by writing for five minutes a day? That is a completely doable Camp goal! Want to edit one page a day? Or twenty? Both of those are doable as well. I believe there is still time to join this month, so go check it out. And if not, put it on your calendar for July.

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