Going Home, book 1 in the Cedar Valley Hauntings – A novel about going home again and uncovering the truth under everything you once knew.

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Foreward by Aunt Dee

Aunt Dee

I loved that man like my life depended on it, and you know, maybe it did. Or maybe it was the children’s lives that depended on my love for him. I never could tell where my life ended and theirs began after their mother died. And it was that way all the way until the end, when I picked my own life.

Geraldine Bishop was like a sister to me ever since we started kindergarten. We did everything the same. She lost a tooth, I’d lose a tooth. I’d get a perm, she’d beg her mama until she took her down to Pauline’s Cut and Curl. We even lost brothers to the Vietnam War in the same damn summer.

So it came no surprise to everyone when we fell in love with a set of twins who worked at the car dealership in our slowly booming town. When the one I picked was unfortunate enough to get drunk and drown one night fishing, his brother decided he had enough of Kentucky and was gonna take Geraldine out to Oregon where his Uncle just left a chunk of land to the first in the family to move that way.

I followed them out there, and traded food and board for housework and started that vegetable garden you see out back. One day, over a newly blooming tomato plant’s when I fell for him, and when I began to wait for Geraldine to smarten up and leave. I started figuring her too stupid for her own good, and maybe back in those days – before the kids – I thought she might have even deserved a little bit of what she got. But that’s only till she ran off and I took her spot. Wasn’t too long till I took her beatings too.

I probably would have kept on taking those beatings, if Geraldine hadn’t shown up that spring. Stinking like rot and paler than a cauliflower at picking, but she promised she could make it all end.

All the kids was grown, living in town, and two in that trailer park on 36th if I ain’t mistaken. All except little Meg. But she had just got her driver’s license, and I knew it was only a matter of time before she took that old station wagon and ran off to live with her sister.

Meg was never one I pegged to finish high school anyway, and I knew her daddy’d be happy if she got a GED and started working at the nursing home like Geraldine had before she vanished. If I had known she was gonna stay on with her dad for two more years and actually finish out high school, I never would have told Geraldine yes when she came for me.

But I can’t change the past anymore than I could go back for Meg. And if Meg ain’t more careful these days, her mama might come for her, too.


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