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Going Home: Cedar Valley Hauntings, Book 1 Opening Chapters

Sign up for my newsletter just below to learn about the fun giveaways taking place this fall during the book’s release! I’m excited to share with you, the first three chapters of book one in the Cedar Valley Hauntings Series:… Continue Reading →

All Quiet

It’s been quiet here on the blog for several months, and that is no accident. I’ve been working around the clock on my next book, ready to be released in fall of 2017. In contact with an amazing cover artist,… Continue Reading →

The Void

The void is not only dark, deep and hollow, it lays so long there is no ending in sight. There is an end to this void though, even if you don’t believe it right now, it comes, and it brings… Continue Reading →

Happy Valentines Day at the Dollar Store Poem

Trevor always said I could get anything at the dollar store. This 14th, all I really wanted was a arm wrapped around me at night. He said I was in luck. “They’ve got a potion.” He picked me up at… Continue Reading →

The Reborn Forest: Happy Release Day!

Happy day my friends! I’m riding a pretty good high this morning,  got to attend a small gathering where a friend of mine received an award for her photograph, my daughter won an award at school for being a good… Continue Reading →

The Reborn Forest Soundtrack

  The Reborn Forest Free Soundtrack on Spotify It is getting close to release day! Only six days to go, and I spent last night listening to the soundtrack I’ve made for the book over on Spotify. Do you spend… Continue Reading →

The Reborn Forest Release Date Announcement

February 2, 2017 Believe or be mulched. Mara allows the city to flow around her while others plan her life in the direction best for the citizenry. That is, until she is selected to go out on a routine urn… Continue Reading →

Tulip on Fire

“I put tulips under all the pillows, and then I set fire to the house.” Those had been the woman’s exact words as she walked down Broadway at noon, long white robe dragging across the concrete, edges dying and no… Continue Reading →

Whale Watching

A can of easy cheese rolled off the table and hit the deck. “I thought this boat was so big we weren’t supposed to feel it when the ocean rocked?” I asked. He shrugged. The can rolled away. “I thought… Continue Reading →

The Voices

Ten days till NaNo. Limbering fingers continues with First Line, Non-Sequitur, and Last Line from the Writer’s Toolbox kit by Jamie Cat Callan. No editing, just writing until the timer goes out. My only defense was to write down every… Continue Reading →

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