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May 2016

Bill, Rosetta and the Cat Lady Flash Fiction

Bill slid the rock across the table and it hit a small moss green pad. The sound was a little like what one would hear when popping a grape between fingers. He set down his magnifying glass as something warm… Continue Reading →

The Frisbee Flash Fiction

  Donald looked around the room with a joyful heart. This was it, he could feel it. He had taken this damn Frisbee everywhere from Kalamazoo to New York City. Sydney, Australia to London, England. And now he was home…. Continue Reading →

Weekend Away

I had my second annual Mother’s Day Writing Retreat this past weekend. It was glorious. I checked into a suite downtown, wrote, slept, and ate from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. The best part? I didn’t have to share my… Continue Reading →

Camp Nano 2016

Hey guys, I won Camp Nano! Quite a few people in my cabin did, and even those who didn’t put down some good progress. It was a great April. Camp rolls around again in July, will you be joining? November… Continue Reading →

Without a Dog Poem

Sammy February 2004- May 2016 Without a dog there is no scratching at the door at midnight, No whining from the howl of the wind, the crack of thunder, No chewing on the doorframe, No mud tracked across the floor…. Continue Reading →

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