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March 2016

Where do you go, Mom?

The smaller child held a brightly colored pencil in one chubby hand, drawing lines absently on the lined piece of paper in her lap. Her mouth hung open as she stared at her mother. Her sister, ten years old, sat… Continue Reading →

Where are my nuts?

Writing Prompt:The Argument. Two people are arguing—a man and a woman.  They don’t have to be a couple.  Each is convinced he or she is right. The Narrator does not know who is right, but both sides are compelling. Junifer flapped… Continue Reading →

Falling into Life

Writing Exercise: Create an idea for a screenplay. Write down the status quo for your screen play, then name the inciting incident. Then, write these two parts of your script.   Status Quo: Mother of three young children wants to… Continue Reading →

Letting Go

  Steam of Consciousness When she thinks too hard, that’s when it goes. It quickly, and almost falls into her head, but then rolls right back out the other side, if it was even there at all. “Damnit!” She yells… Continue Reading →

Oceanless Pirate (poetry)

The pirate strong, yet feeble and broken, Flying across a desert, seeking treasure. It’s no longer ruby, diamond, and gold His treasure-droplets. Once dew, rain, ocean, Now there is just sand. Dirt. Not even mud. And when the droplets finally… Continue Reading →

Rain Washes Away

Rain It’s raining today, and I can’t say my soul has felt lighter in ages. It’s been too long since I’ve seen rain. We moved to California about four years ago, and the first two weeks I was there, it… Continue Reading →

Urban Fantasy 3

Writing exercise: Continuing with the story for the week. Write from a first person point of view. It should be at least two paragraphs. Now, rewrite it in third person point of view. Note that you are writing the SAME piece… Continue Reading →

Urban Fantasy 2

Writing exercise: Write a short story (at least one page) using mostly dialogue. Use dialogue to tell the story and move it forward. I decided to piggy back off of the exercise from yesterday. The back door opened. “Maggie?” Jones stepped… Continue Reading →

Urban Fantasy

Writing exercise: Write down the genre that you want to write. Then, create a character and make a character profile. Write a narrative that introduces readers to a character. Genre: Urban fantasy Character: Maggie Hope Denton *26 years old *Red hair, brown… Continue Reading →

Tango and Sierra

While the rest of the names had been foreign, but sturdy and military in a way, Tango and Sierra sounded silly to Mara’s ears, like the name of a dance long forgotten. Girls with short silver hair, and butterflies in… Continue Reading →

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