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March 2016

Getting Writing Ideas From the News

Where does a story idea come from? Many places, but I had one come to me this morning while I was reading a news article and reading the comments section for a few laughs and a few inward cringes as… Continue Reading →

Writing Schedule

  How long does it take you to write a book? I have written several first drafts, and they usually are between 60-80k words, and that takes me roughly 1-2 months. However, we are talking books written under Renee Bradshaw,… Continue Reading →

Where do you go, Mom?

The smaller child held a brightly colored pencil in one chubby hand, drawing lines absently on the lined piece of paper in her lap. Her mouth hung open as she stared at her mother. Her sister, ten years old, sat… Continue Reading →

Self Publishing Vs Traditional

  Write about three paragraphs on the publishing options for your work. What advantages and disadvantages does your publishing choice have? I have self-published two books on Amazon this year. Self-publishing was the correct way for me to publish these… Continue Reading →

Where are my nuts?

Writing Prompt:The Argument. Two people are arguing—a man and a woman.  They don’t have to be a couple.  Each is convinced he or she is right. The Narrator does not know who is right, but both sides are compelling. Junifer flapped… Continue Reading →

When Did You First Realize You Wanted to be a Writer?

  When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? Mr. Morgan had red hair and glasses. He had a daughter my age named Tristan who liked horses. Fifth grade, Fruitdale Elementary. Mr. Morgan used to place quotes… Continue Reading →

Tick Tock

  I’m spending the week at my mom’s house, which means I am basically in Gepetto’s workshop. Everywhere you turn, the time screams at you. The walls and millions of nicknacks and shelves scream at you. I have attempted to… Continue Reading →

Falling into Life

Writing Exercise: Create an idea for a screenplay. Write down the status quo for your screen play, then name the inciting incident. Then, write these two parts of your script.   Status Quo: Mother of three young children wants to… Continue Reading →

Letting Go

  Steam of Consciousness When she thinks too hard, that’s when it goes. It quickly, and almost falls into her head, but then rolls right back out the other side, if it was even there at all. “Damnit!” She yells… Continue Reading →

Oceanless Pirate (poetry)

The pirate strong, yet feeble and broken, Flying across a desert, seeking treasure. It’s no longer ruby, diamond, and gold His treasure-droplets. Once dew, rain, ocean, Now there is just sand. Dirt. Not even mud. And when the droplets finally… Continue Reading →

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