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January 2016

Jennifer’s Blog 11: The Seance Part 2

20 December “What do we do?” Beth asked, a tremble in her voice. I opened my mouth to tell her I didn’t know, but then I realized she was talking to Norma, not me. I wanted to pull my eyes… Continue Reading →

Green Bird

  Do you see that? There, against the white. In the calm, fighting against the wind. What is she doing here? Is she like you? Or more like me? Her green wings beat against her body, fighting to stay in… Continue Reading →

Gordy (short story)

  The hair on the back of Gordy’s hand stood as he reached into the back of the refrigerator. It was always colder in that spot. The far right corner. His fingers curled around the Coors Light can, his eyes… Continue Reading →

Jennifer’s Blog 10: The Seance Part 1

              20 December 2015 Last night the psychic came to my house. It wasn’t as Poltergeisty as I thought it would be. The movie anyway. It was worse. She brought the things you would… Continue Reading →

Ramblings from 31,000 Feet

I took a trip, partially business partially fun. Okay, the business part was fun as well. I got a lot of work done the past four days. I also recharged my mind, body, and sore neck. I am coming back… Continue Reading →

What Does Your Mom Do?

I had an interesting conversation with my eight year old on the way to school this morning. She was telling me so-and-so’s mom works here, and her mom works there, and her mom does this… I said “What do you… Continue Reading →

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