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December 2015

Jennifer’s Blog 9: The Shadow

Emily’s room is now officially my favorite room in the house. It started with the cats hiding in there. I thought it was because that was the warmest room in the house, but now that I’ve been spending more time… Continue Reading →

Jennifer 8:The Great Mouse War

Michael had a last minute business trip come up, so he is out of town since the 30th of November, and he isn’t getting back until next Friday! Of course, as soon as he is gone, weird stuff starts happening…. Continue Reading →

Don’t Leave My Sight (poem)

(This is not a feel good poem, but something I wrote in an anxiety driven mode. you have been warned.) Eleven o’clock, before sign off, I settle in, I tune in, I shut off. He comes to view. The giver…. Continue Reading →

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