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November 2015

Keep Them Out of Your Head

Over the past few months I have been becoming more open with my writing, by not only posting to the blog, but by also sending my writing out to people outside of the writing community to get feedback, and as… Continue Reading →

Jennifer 7: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I suppose by time this is posted though it will be more like happy Post-Thanksgiving-food-coma-I-hope-you-get-what-you-fought-for-on-Black-Friday… Day. I do not celebrate Black Friday, but I do celebrate Thanksgiving, and we had a great one. Beth invited us over for… Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving 

Just a quickie to wish you and your loved ones a happy, safe, and fun Thanksgiving. We are blessed this year to be with family for the first time in 13 years! I am grateful for the love and support… Continue Reading →

Different Drummer (Micro Fiction)

“She dances to the beat of a different drummer,” they always said. Because she thought, she liked wearing mismatched clothes, eating  with a spork, and dancing while she waited for the bus. She never noticed the drummer that followed her… Continue Reading →

Jennifer 6: Cries in the Night

Beth and I go and get coffee after the girls go to school most mornings. Oh yeah, because that is what friends do. We couldn’t be more different, but my days of caring are long gone, and I feel like… Continue Reading →

Hand (Flash Fiction)

He held her hand and traced the lines running across her palm. Deep lines. Shallow lines. Moving up or down, side to side, diagonal. There were lines that ran one way, then forked off, which way to go next? He never… Continue Reading →

Unintentional Tears and Falling Behind

I still miss the beach, can you tell? When I am sick I become a Netflix addict. Like mega time. Binge TV. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon… And with our new house and new internet we got a cable bundle and there… Continue Reading →

Last Great Pirate of California (Flash Fiction)

  The last great pirate of California soared across a sea of sand. Sail billowed out–led by a generator. An illusion in the failed promise of wind. It was always hot. Dry. Dusty. Suppose that’s what happens when the wind… Continue Reading →

Tip the Canoe Over

Tipping over the canoe and going all in is the best piece of advice I have ever been given in my life for absolutely any situation. So here we start this week. In a prelude, a warning of sorts. I… Continue Reading →

Here Comes Winter

Teaser picture because here comes winter! Hello Writers, Readers, Crocheters, Chefs, Relatives, and the random people who stumbled onto my blog and have no idea why they are here. Do you know what it did at my house last week?… Continue Reading →

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