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September 2015

My Friend Jennifer Post 1

My friend Jennifer is a little behind when it comes to technology, hey! She said I could tell you guys that. She is going to email me once or twice a week to post her own, blog within my blog…. Continue Reading →

Roasted Broccoli and Avoiding Work

Broccoli, I love it. But it is one of those words I cannot spell to save my life. Brocolli? Broccolli? I wish someone¬†would spell the letters slow and clear for me, just like Gwen Stefani gave me with bananas.¬†I sing… Continue Reading →

Chocolate chip pancakes, made the lazy, I am moving way. Krusteaz pancake mix, milk, and a few handfuls of chocolate chips. Topped with syrup and whipped cream, I am winning breakfast this morning for the 18 m/o, two 7 year… Continue Reading →

Crochet Pumpkin Hats

  I was pretty excited when a friend from book club asked me to make a pair of pumpkin hats for her little guys. We reviewed some great free patterns online and we found a perfect combination for her. Now… Continue Reading →

The Decision to Write With Small Kids at Home

Life decision and a blog change. I think with the revamp here on the site, you can still expect random crochet patterns and recipes, because I still have to cook and crochet, but a lot of the focus is moving… Continue Reading →

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